Wegmacher farm Castelrotto
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Animals and Children's world

Our farm animals

  • This is Heinrich, our rooster, and this is his group of hens
  • This is our hare Alfred, accompanied by his life partner Ludmilla
  • A herd of cows with their lovely calves, all belonging to the Holstein breed
  • A big family of cats

All of them live together on the Wegmacher farm. Hare Alfred and Ludmilla live in a big two-storey house whose sun-drenched housetop was built by Florian, the carpenter. They always wait for their daily portions of fresh food and cuddles. Rooster Heinrich crows in the morning telling his brood of hens "Wake up to a wonderful morning ladies, now lay your eggs for breakfast please”. And then it’s time for us to make our bets while we cross the meadow. One by one little cows wakeup in the stable too. Verena says: we’d better hurry up girls, the farmer is here and it won’t take long before the van stops by to pick up our great milk. It’s just great, and there is so much evidence to that. While the two cows are on their way to the milking parlour, cats run after mice. Once everything has been taken care of, everybody can lay in the sun, do some stretching and have a good time upon the Wegmacher farm.

Dream holiday for children, ..... relax for the parents

While the children are playing in the sandbox or going on the slideway and the swing you can get some sun and fresh air relaxing on a deckchair in the garden or on the balcony. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake or try a proper South Tyrolean snack with a good glass of wine.

Kind SpielplatzSpielplatz Schaukel

Exploring the farm, stroking the animals, going on the tractor, playing catch, or hide and seek. We are sure a holiday on our farm is never boring. And in winter there is lots of fun, too when your are building a snowman on our meadow or sliding on the snow on a “Rutscher”. And of course there is skiing, tobogganing, sledging and wild snowball battles.

Kinder Bauernhof